I create designs in my spare time. Usually I'm flying airplanes in Papua Indonesia. Check out my flight You Tube Channel
Red Bubble is one of the most popular print on demand stores out there. It has a lot of products including Lots of clothes, mugs, journals, clocks, phone cases, pillows, socks and much more. some of the unique products are full graphic clothes. 
Tee Public ships world wide and  has a straightforward website that is simple and clear to navigate. They have Adult and child shirt options, mugs, phone cases, stickers mugs
Zazzle has a lot of products including a lot of paper cards and invitations. They can ship all over the world. The cool thing with Zazzle is you can customize a lot of the text in the designs to personalize it to your tastes.
Amazon - Currently Amazon has suspended its print on demand services for the COVID Crisis.
Amazon: Amazon is a huge online marketplace. We currently only offer shirts and sweatshirts. They are good quality prints that come with amazons great customer service and shipping options.
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